Brave SC

We Are Brave SC

Brave SC is a developmental soccer club based in Central Florida. The club’s mission is to develop players and help them achieve their goals within the game of soccer, whether it be to play at a competitive youth level, to reach the collegiate ranks, or to have a professional career in the game.

“We’ve been working on this for over two years, studying the history of the area, the county and the club, and we didn’t want to name ourselves something without meaning,” DaSilva said. “We always felt that ‘Brave’ defined the way that we played and the way we’ve operated as a club.” – Anderson Da Silva

Our Name

Since the club’s inception in 2008, the Buffalo have been defined by bravery. The way the teams at all levels play — striving to win every match, no matter the circumstances — and the way our organization operates — never fearing to dream big and work to achieve those goals — have always been brave. We want to continue to play and grow with a Brave mentality.

Our Crest

Each Element of our crest symbolizes an important piece of our club, whether it’s our mission, our history, our community, or our club’s spirit.

The Buffalo

The Buffalo, or American Bison, is a symbol of strength and quiet resilience. The species has strong ties to our community, where they could once be seen roaming fields near our club’s home in Summerfield, FL. It is also the mascot of The Villages Charter School’s athletics programs, to which our club has strong ties.