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Our Buffalo Experience is a residential program for players from all over the world. We focus on the needs of the game of soccer. We want to give players an experience that will equip them by first giving them resources and then challenging them on the field.

  • Individual

  • Physical

  • Tactical

  • Group

  • Nutrition

  • Technical

With expert guidance, athletes will be evaluated physically, tested on their tactical knowledge, and will train both indoors and outdoors. Everything with a clear focus on the demands of the game.


Central Florida is an ideal location for training, with it’s year-round sunshine, safe, clean cities, and welcoming people.

Located approximately one hour from Tampa or Orlando, where some of the world’s largest attractions are, make it easy to add even more to your experience.


Our training complex includes 3 full-sized, grass soccer fields, a sand court, an indoor gym, and a classroom.

Our residential area accommodates up to 20 people with 4 full bathrooms, a kitchen, 2 living and dining rooms, and a pool.

The training area is conventionally located just a few feet from the residential area.


Athletes are evaluated first in three key areas. We then review our findings so that they can be better prepared for training.


Individual Tactical Evaluation

Tests the athlete’s defensive, offensive, and transitional tactical knowledge.

Nutritional Evaluation

Athletes will undergo an anthropometric evaluation.

Physical Evaluation

Tests the athlete’s body composition, reaction time, power, and speed.


Each athlete will have a one-on-one review of:

  • Individual Tactical Evaluation
  • Physical Evaluation
  • Nutritional Evaluation


Field Training

Tactical drills focused on movement, closure, and positional awareness.

Technical drills focused on practicing fast and intelligent passes, ball skills, and a series of exercises.

Indoor Training

Indoor training includes exercises of balance, coordination, agility, and weightlifting, as well as, recovery work with a continual focus on soccer (football).


What is included:

  • Accommodation with air conditioning, Wi-fi, and laundry service.
  • Transport to/from the airport, training, activities, and excursions* (if any.)
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner*.
  • Training, evaluations, and team activities with supervision and assistance throughout the program.
  • Training uniform.


*Excursions, university visits, and other activities may be added for those interested. Lunch and dinner will not be served during excursions.

Contact us for availability and to schedule your Buffalo Experience. We offer both individual and custom team packages.

Email us at or call 352-561-8239.