We had such a great time at the annual Braveheart Challenge. This event is held by The Villages Insurance, benefiting the Scott Robertson Scholarship Fund. The event features fire cadets competing against each other in the Braveheart Firematics competition as well as a Corporate Challenge that your very own Buffalo compete in. Last year we won First Place!

This year we started preparing early, our “IT Guy” began lifting staplers and every mouse he could find in January. We had two new additions to our team this year, our “Secret Weapon” and “Rookie”. The Villages SC’s team this year included coach Anderson DaSilva “Captain”, staff members Fausto “Lieutenant” and Elisangela Ribeiro “Good Luck Charm”, youth assistant coach Andrew Gianikas “the IT Guy”, youth family member Daniel Rockwell, “Rookie” and player Micah Day “Secret Weapon”.

We competed in four separate competitions against some very competitive teams. New this year was a whiteboard that displayed each teams time from the previous competition. You can be sure that our team was front and center to see where/if we needed, improve. We are not competitive AT ALL …

As the photos show, we were shocked and so excited to learn we had again won First Place! We love participating in this event and the people involved!

Go Buffalo!!!

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