The new Everglades Recreation Center has everything and by everything we mean, it even has a field to play soccer. Our hometown continues to grow and improve in many ways. Residents may feel like there is no way it can get better and then, they do.

This past week we were able to attend the ribbon-cutting for the new Everglades Recreation Center and got to see the beautiful facility with it’s many, many different amenities. The biggest recreation center to date with 50-acres features a 32,000-square-foot recreation center with meeting rooms, a theater, sports pool, softball fields, basketball, pickleball, platform tennis, bocce, a remote-control car range and more.

That is all great but there was one special addition we were most excited about. The multi-purpose field. By multi-purpose I mean, a wonderful place to play the beautiful game.

The Senior Soccer group with about 30 players took to the field for a demonstration game. Though the field will be used by tai-chi, kite flyers, e-flyers, and others, Senior soccer will use it for practice about 4 times per week. The field is lined for soccer and they have 1 set of large goals and 2 sets of small goals.

We got to talk with many residents about their love of soccer and this new field. Buff got to check out the grass and kick the ball a little. Coach Anderson did a field “inspection” and after his walkthrough, gave a big thumbs up.

The Everglades Recreation Center is an amazing place for residents to enjoy. If you have not visited, we hope you will soon.