Some More Familiar Faces

Payton Rausch, Joao Ribeiro, and Andrew Muller all seniors at The Villages Charter School and long-time members of our youth program are moving up.

Payton Rausch has been a registered player in our youth program since 2014. He was selected by the Olympic Development Program (ODP) which gave him the chance to travel across the country and experience some of the highest levels of youth soccer. Rausch was already playing High School Varsity soccer while still in 8th grade.

If you haven’t had the chance to see Payton in action yet, keep an eye out for his ability to control the ball and very powerful shots.

Joao Ribeiro has been a registered player in our youth program for 7 years. He played 5 years of High School Varsity soccer because he join the team while still in middle school.
Ribeiro trains every chance he gets with a hunger to improve that has not gone unnoticed. For him, there are no breaks, no holidays.
Get ready to see his ball stealing and tackling abilities.

Andrew Muller is coming from our youth Academy team but he is not new to USL2. Last season he got his first taste of soccer at this level. The young goalkeeper trained with USL2 all season and got to come in on a couple of games.
Watch him stay calm and collected under pressure especially while defending penalty kicks or free kicks.