We feel like we are moving a little awkward but the important thing is that we are going FORWARD!

Just as in other facets of our lives, currently we are doing what we can and hoping for the best. Since our games are outdoors with space for social distancing we feel cautiously optimistic that we will be able to see the Buffalo, once again, in action!

This week – Winter Summit and Tryouts 

During this whole week, we are taking part in the Virtual Winter Summit. Lots of meetings and talks about the 2021 Season, as usual, just this time it is via Zoom. We are going to do game scheduling that way as well which should be interesting since in the past we all set around in a big room yelling at each other (much like the floor at the stock market). Virtual scheduling should be interesting. 

The first tryout of the year will be this coming Saturday. There is a good number of players already signed up, which is encouraging. Coach Anderson will be using both field 1 and field 2 that way he can separate the players as much as possible. 

Our youth club will be starting practices next week and if you are missing live soccer, The Villages Charter School will be hosting the District finals for boys soccer next week with games on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

Saturday’s tryout means a lot to us because it is the first official step toward what we hope will be a season that will bring much joy to our Buffalo Family.

2021 – The year to go all the way! 

Stay safe, we will see you soon. Go Buffalo!