New uniforms + DJ Scooter = FUN!

Last night we went out to Spanish Springs® Town Square where Scooter the DJ together with some of our players unveiled our new uniform. We were very excited about the new look and the partnership with The players hadn’t seen the uniform until the very last minute, coach Anderson made sure of that. “They were very curious and excited to see the new uniforms but I kept them with me until minutes before they went on stage,” said Anderson.

Ambassadors came and not only to pick up their new T-shirts and to talk with the players but also share information with onlookers. “I remember what I learned in the class and I’m happy to share with others,” said Ambassador Bill Talbot.

Youth players from our U10 team (coached by DeMelo) joined in and gave the older boys a run for their money on the dance floor.

After dancing to “I’m sexy and I know it,” they went on stage to talk to Scooter about the season and their reason for being there. Then, they removed their jackets and proudly showed off the uniform. Scooter, of course, wasn’t done with them. A little “can-can,” some “backpack kid” and the classic “Pizza dance” where all required before they were done. Smiles were all around.

We appreciate everyone come out to support us. A big thank you to Scooter the DJ and The Villages Entertainment Department for making our unveiling extra special.