We swam past the Next Academy Palm Beach this past Saturday and now have 6 points in 2 away games. It rained the whole game so the ball moved a lot different than the players are used to. Coach Anderson walked the field prior to the match and told the players the areas they should avoid. The “Bermuda triangle” became the reference to an area of the field where quick balls came to a complete stop. The fix, long balls. They started to send long balls instead of the team’s usual passing style and the goals followed. The first Buffalo goal was scored after a very long ball from goalkeeper Paulo Pita that went all the way to forward Leonardo Paiva at the 33rd minute. During the beginning of the second half, Felipe Antonio scored with an assist from Gabriel Cabral.
The final score of The Villages 2 vs 1 Next Academy gives the Buffalo 2 wins on our first 2 games of the season.