With so much going on this may not be the most important piece of news you will read today but I sure hope it makes you smile. We finally have lights!

It was always part of the plans to have lights installed at our facility. It is one of the requirements from our league, it gives us more time on the field and most importantly it allows us to have later games to beat the Summer heat.


With SECO Energy in charge of the “inside” energy of the facility and Duke Energy in charge of the connecting poles just outside, we needed to wait for them to “play nice”. Then poles were removed, moved, and added.

When it came time to chose the company with decided to go with Qualite Sports Lighting. The product we chose was the GameChanger Q-LED 70 foot candles.

Not only the main field but a portion of field #2 was also added to the plan by doubling the lights on the center poles.


Cool things about these are that they turn on/off instantly (no wait time). They save 70% of energy compared to metal halide (traditional stadium lighting) and can be controlled wirelessly.

We continue to work and are hopeful that we will see each other soon.

Our field is waiting… Go Buffalo!